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The models in field

The models in field There are some components, among field facilities, can be used to build into task models, and then placed on the marked locations in field, the brief instruction of these task models as below:

  • WER Kennel
  • Kennel

    Bottom fixed on specified location in garden, opening always towards the black line.
  • WER Kennel
  • Bone model

    Will be provided by referee at the game.

  • WER
  • Garden sprinkler switch

    The bottom fixed on specified location in garden, the starting state see picture left, "garden sprinkler" will start to rotate after robot triggers the switch.
  • WER
  • Garden sprinkler

    The bottom is fixed on specified location in garden, it can start rotating after switch triggered.

  • WER
  • Tree

    Bottom fixed on specified location in garden.
  • WER
  • Branch

    The starting state is stuck in the tree.

  • WER
  • Dustbin

    The bottom is fixed on garden
  • WER
  • Floor lamp

    The bottom fixed on specified location on ground floor, and a touch switch is on the lower part, press it, the lamp above will light on.

  • WER
  • Light repairer

    Give touch magnetic signal to magnetic sensors under "chandelier". Provided by referee at game.
  • WER
  • Garbage bag

    Contains two parts of base and garbage bag, the right picture is the base, its bottom is fixed on specified location on ground floor, the garbage bag just sits in the base, can easily

  • WER
  • Seasonal items

    One on ground floor and the other on the second floor, both placed on specified locations at starting
  • WER
  • Washing machine

    Bottom fixed on specified location on second floor, a garment to be drying is put on it at the starting phase.

  • WER
  • Garment

    Vertically placed on the washing machine at the starting state, can
  • WER
  • The hanger

    Fixed on the second floor.

  • WER
  • Cradle

    Bottom fixed on specified location
  • WER
  • Pawn

    Will be provided by referee at game. The color of pawn will be decided by drawing lots.



Tasks specification and score

Task Content and Specification Sign of completion Score
1 Caring for pets
Robot need to bring the "bone model" from
base to "kennel".
The task must be completed with the "bone"
provided by referee.
Any part of the "bone" enters into "kennel".
2 Garden
Robot go to trigger the switch of "garden sprinkler", which will start to rotate when the distance between magnet and magnetic sensor is less than 5mm.
The garden sprinkler starts to rotate.
3 Pollarding
Robot go to find model of" tree" and pick the
"branch" off.
The "branch" and "tree" has no touching point and not be knocked out of the field
4 Disposal of
Put the branch into "dustbin". It is regarded as completed if branch falls onto dustbin, as long
as it's not fall to the ground. Continue of task 3.
"Branch" fall into "dustbin".
5 Turning on light
Robot finds "floor lamp" and press the switch under it.
The lamp on model of "floor lamp" light on.
6 Chandelier
Robot find "chandelier" and puts "light repairer" close to chandelier.
The magnet on "light repairer" can be sensed when it is less than 5mm from the magnetic sensor. "Light repairer" provided by referee should be used to complete the task.
"Chandelier" light on.
7 Elderly
Place a "pawn" on the color corresponding side
of the "board".
Use the "pawn" provided by referee to complete
the task. ( pawn color decided by drawing lots)
The "pawn" should not stand on central line of
the "board".
"Pawn" placed on the color corresponding side of "board" and not stand on central line.
8 Open Window R
Robot finds and open "window".
More than 2cm distance
between two sashes, and "window" is not knocked down.
9 Disposal
garbage 1
Robot finds "garbage bag" on ground floor and brings it to garden.
"Garbage bag" out of ground floor and not been hit out of field.
10 Disposal
garbage 2
Robot put "garbage bag" into "dustbin" in garden. The garbage stuck in dustbin, as long as it not falls onto ground, will be regarded as task completed.
"Garbage bag" in "dustbin".
11 Seasonal items
move from
ground floor to
Bring "seasonal items" from ground floor to second floor.
Any part of item shadow falls over the black line at upper ends of stairs towards second floor, will be regarded as items arrived second floor.
"Seasonal items" moved to second floor.
12 Stocking of
items" on
ground floor
Bring "seasonal items" from ground floor to specified area on second floor. Any part of vertical shadow of "seasonal items" falls in specified area, within border line, continue from task 11.
"Seasonal items" appear in specified area on second floor.
13 Stocking of
seasonal items
on second floor
Robot carries "seasonal items" from second floor to specified area on second floor. Any part of vertical shadow of items falls on specified area within border line.
"Seasonal items" of second floor appear on specified area of second floor.
14 Stacking of
seasonal items
Robot stacks two "seasonal items" within specified area. Only one "seasonal item" in contact with the second floor, the contact surface is within the border line of specified area. Continue from task 11-13.
Two pieces of "seasonal
items" stacking within
specified area.
15 Fetching
Robot finds washing machine on second floor and from where fetches "garment" out of "washing machine".
"Garment" entirely leaves "washing machine" and still stays in field.
16 Hanging
Robot hangs the "garment" on the "hanger".
Continue from task 15.
"Garment" appears on line of "hanger".
17 Baby care
Robot finds "cradle" on second floor, and swings back and forth for more than 3 times.
Lamp besides "cradle" is light on.
18 Self-charging
Robot sets off from any place of second floor (upper above black line of stairs), returns to "base" on ground floor and stops. This task should be performed by last, then contest finished and timer stopped.
Robot complete movement of going downstairs and directly goes into "base" on ground floor and stops.

The players can only use props and items provided by the organizer, shall not use props and items of their own without authorization. Some task models' specifications in field are determined only at start of the game, but will remain the same in the same round, all props that possible to swap, will keep their central points (or the central place of second floor near the wall) to remain align with central point of the specified location in field; uncertain task models are:

(1)Location of "tree" and "kennel" may swap;

(2)Location of "hanger", "washing machine" and "cradle" may swap;

(3)The height from bottom of "chandelier" to ground is within 40cm to 50cm;

(4)Shape of "tree" may change, location of "branch" may also change;

 An extra task, score in 100, will be announced on spot when all players come into a closed field 2 hours before robots formally come to play the game, within subsequent two hours, players can programming and tuning on spot, this extra task can be gave up, which will not influence the time score.

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