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Theme 2013

So called Future household is a residential environment that based on dwelling houses, integrated living facilities through technologies of comprehensive wiring, network communication, automatic control, audio / video, etc, to build efficient residential facilities and management system for family day to day affairs, to improve household security, convenience, comfort, artistry and meanwhile achieve environment protecting and energy saving.

"Morning, the alarm clock goes off. An order passes to coffee pot to make two cups of coffee and to microwave to have breakfast ready, at the same time, humidifier, sweeping machine and television also start to work when you are getting up." All these are not manipulated by hardworking mother, but the robot that made by students.

The purpose of the contest is to let players to creatively build a robot, which works as a housekeeper, takes care of all family issues like rubbish removal, room cleaning, appliance fixing, elderly and children caring, etc, and it can also autonomously do other kinds of housework.

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